Saturday, February 4, 2012

Budweiser- King of Super Bowl Commercials

Tomorrow I will be live blogging the Super Bowl for your reading pleasure. At the very least I'll try to capture my knee jerk reactions to each ad as they air and in the process create a comprehensive listing to pour over for the future. These are my hopes for tomorrow, but we'll see how it turns out in actuality.

In the meantime, to help you all gear up properly, I have compiled a listing of Super Bowl commercials through time.  Ah, but not just any Super Bowl commercials- only the commercials from one specific advertiser whose name has become synonymous for me with the Super Bowl.  Can you guess? I've already spoiled it by naming them in the title of this post.  For me, there has been one overlord of Super Bowl commercial success.  No, not the E-Trade baby.  No, not Coca Cola and their elaborate animated ads. Not even the sultry temptresses of GoDaddy.Com.

Looking back through my memories of great Super Bowl commercials, I keep returning to Bud.  The good folks at Budweiser have taken their advertising duties very seriously over the years to keep them on top with commercials that are at times hilarious, sentimental, touching, and shocking (yes, literally shocking- see below). These are the ads we were all talking about the day after the Super Bowl- a true sign of commercial success.  How many do you remember?

To begin, we go way back to a commercial that took pop culture by storm.  Years later, even Michael Scott of The Office has uttered these immortal words, "Wassup."

Moving on, we reach another pop culture darling with "The Frogs" of Bud. Weis. Er.

But that wasn't the end of the story of the frogs.  Enter a jealous lizard.  If you have a couple minutes, watch this compilation of commercials with Lenny the Lizard as he tries to scheme his way into advertising history.

Budweiser also has a sweet side to their adverts.  The iconic Clydesdale horses are a true fan favorite. These beautiful horses have pranced their way across our screens in a long series of commercials.  They carry themselves with a dignity and respect that Budweiser has sought to claim for their brand. It's a great partnership that adds some history and tradition to some very amusing modern day commercials.

Let's start with "Fetch."

Next, here's "Hank," the Rocky Balboa of Clydesdales.

The cutest and funniest of the bunch is definitely "The Streaker."

Finally, the Clydesdales pay tribute to the heroes of September 11, 2001. A fitting way to end this post and a beautiful homage to 9-11. 

Thanks Budweiser, for making the Super Bowl an event for commercial lovers, pop culture followers, and football fans alike. I will certainly be looking out for this years installment.

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