Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: The Top Ten Best Commercials of 2012

After a long night of live blogging the Super Bowl, it's time for a post to cut to the chase and bring you the best of the best.  Check out the live blog for the rationale behind my picks.

Also, I've decided to award honorable mention status to M&M's "Just My Shell" for the not so naked Ms. Brown. Check out the full post on Ms. Brown here. She only just missed my top ten list!

Finally, here are my picks for the top ten commercials of the 2012 Super Bowl. Go Big Blue!

10. The Voice- "Battle"

9. Samsung- "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"

8. Metlife- "Everyone"

7. Downy- "Mean Joe Green"

6. Geico- "Popular Girl Diet"

5. Pepsi- "King Elton John"

4. Skechers- "Mr. Quiggly"

3. Acura- "Seinfeld Wants to be #1"

2. Time Warner Cable- "Friend Request Denied"

1. Honda- "Matthew Broderick's Day Off"- Click here to read my analysis of this ad and all the Easter Eggs hidden inside

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  1. Rats ... Not Queen ... "The Darkness" ... changing my vote ... MetLife is the cool one now ... nothing will dethrone the Apple

  2. Agreed on the #1 commercial. I actually missed fit on game day...bathroom break or something...but watched thanks to your awesome blog! Who doesn't love Ferris?