Sunday, January 15, 2012

Google Has a Crush on The Muppets

The Muppets are riding high after their box office smash hit. And it's about time. I've missed Kermit, Piggy and Gonzo just as much as the rest of the Fraggle-loving world. I very distinctively remember that "The Rainbow Connection" was the song my class sang at our graduation ceremony from kindergarten. I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that I teared up and let 'em roll when Kermie sang my song in the new flick.

Unsurprisingly, Muppet nostalgia is running rampant. In a world of global conflict and economic crisis old hippies and new hipsters alike can find sanctuary in Jim Henson's attempt to achieve world peace and harmony through googley-eyed puppets.

Plus, everyone knows Google has been harboring an undeclared love of the Muppets for some time. Did you know the Muppets were one of the first official brands on Google+?  I only know because Kermit told me.  Check out this video of one of their hangouts:

But that wasn't the first expression of Google/Muppet love.  Remember the doodle on the Google home page for Henson's 75th birthday? It was one of the most fun and innovative doodles they had ever created. You became the "Muppeteer" and could manipulate the six newly specially designed characters.

It was one of the best doodles they ever created.  But not the best. No, the best Google doodle is the one Google created to commemorate Freddy Mercury's 65th birthday. It was poetry in motion. They designed an old school video game clip with Freddie as the superhero extraordinaire to the tune of "Don't Stop Me Now." It is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful star whose life was cut short.  You've got to watch this- especially if you missed it the first time.

Goosebumps.  Love it.

So it's no surprise that Google could easily marry these two loves into a flawless ad for Google+. Take a look:

I could watch that commercial over and over again.  I only saw it one time on TV and rushed to do this post to share it with all of you. And bonus points for picking the duet with David Bowie, King of Cool.

Google+ is on the verge of heading to the Google scrap heap, and fast. It's been skewered as a lame attempt to create a social networking site. It hasn't caught on and it's considered by most I know as woefully uncool.

How appropriate to toss a life preserver over to Google's great friends, those hippies and hipsters, utilizing a favored icon to both, the Muppets, and why not throw in two Rock Gods for good measure? 

But the Muppets have a mass appeal that goes even further than that and it could really help pump some life blood into those damn Google circles. Because, honestly, a hang-out with Kermit and gang (especially Beaker- he's my favorite) rocking out to Queen, is by far the best thing I've seen from Google+.

The Ratings
Appeal: A+
Effectiveness: A- (The minus is my disappointment that I wont be able to join that Muppet hang out on Google+, which makes me angry).
Longevity: A



  1. I love The Muppets so much. I hadn't seen the new commercial until this week, but it's so great. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I thought the movie was awesome ... not sure if I am a fan of the new muppet's gimmick ... super jealous of "traveling by map." The Rainbow Connection was absolutely worth the price of admission.