Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Favorite Commercial Today: Steve

Time for the first of what promises to be a long line of posts on the topic of "My New Favorite Commercial Today."  And boy, do I have a treat for you! 

Take a watch below and just try not to crack a smile or bust up laughing at the 5 second mark.


Let's look at the freeze frame:

It makes me want to get up on my desk and dance like a fool, too! 

And I feel like I'd be in good company.  Just take a look at the other idiots dancing around our friend, Steve.  Is that curly haired, redhead actually doing the garden sprinkler? 

Watching this ad, I want to know Steve.  I want Steve at my house when I have friends over to keep them all in stitches.  I want to hear him tell a couple jokes, because I know they would be hilarious. I want to hop in a time machine and have Steve dance at my wedding. 

I wouldn't even mind letting Steve pick out the my playlist.  How about a little Montell Jordan? Have you missed him since 1995? I hadn't, but I do now. This commercial works because that song is 90s fly in a way you totally miss, but wouldn't have admitted until I called you out on it.  You know you want to jump on a table and do the running man to the phat beats of "This is How We Do it."  

Even better than the spot on song choice was finding Steve. He's brilliant. The jubilation in his face at the 5 second mark is undeniable.  And whatever it is he's selling, I'm buying.

Except, that leads to the one problem with this ad.  I am so preoccupied (read: obsessed) with my new best friend, Dancing Steve, that I've laughed through the other 20 seconds of this commercial and completely missed whatever it is they're advertising.  I think I only picked up on whose commercial this was on the third or fourth viewing, and only because I wanted to look it up.

So, Jackson Hewitt, great work with a fun, entertaining, funny ad.  But it was probably too good for your own good. My family uses that online tax software so we don't have to be bothered with dancing, curly haired, redheaded tax consultants who dance like it's 1993. You probably won't get my business, but you get my vote for my new favorite commercial today. 

The Ratings- Here are my marks for "Steve" in terms of execution, brand messaging, and watchability. For a thorough explanation of the ratings criteria, go to my Ratings page

Appeal: A-
Effectiveness: C
Longevity:  B+ 


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